This Concussion Assessment Tool has been developed to demonstrate that an individual has developed a basic level of competency with regard to the topic of concussion. It will provide a level of assurance to governing bodies, clubs, schools and other sporting organisations regarding coaches, volunteers, parents and teachers involved in their sport.

It has been developed using information available within the website and is designed to test knowledge of concussion and demonstrate a basic level of awareness.

The entire test should take around 10-15 minutes and must be completed in a single session.

There are 16 questions in total which consist of four statements each – one, some or all statements may be correct. You must assess each statement individually and tick all that apply.

The pass mark is 75%.

Should you fail to achieve the necessary pass mark, it is possible to repeat the test multiple times.

If the pass mark (75%) is reached, you will be notified and a confirmation email will be generated upon successful completion providing you with a certificate for proof of your basic level of competency.

Please complete your details at the end of form.